iVipCoin (IVIP)

iVipCoin, the token of the future.

The future of financial education starts now!
Our goal is to offer a unique treatment for each trader and provide everything they need and want in the financial market.
To achieve this goal, we have created the iVipCoin platform, which offers access to all the necessary knowledge, from basic to advanced, regarding the financial market. This knowledge is conveyed in a clear and objective way, allowing traders to learn easily. In addition, we offer the opportunity to earn money through our "Learn To Earn" (LTE) system, which is nothing more than the new way of treating users of the global financial market. In short, "learn to earn" is the essence of our system.

How can we deliver in the application?

  • Pioneer in the learning area in the financial market.
  • Account unification in Brazilian cryptocurrency and stock exchanges (B3).
  • Demo room with cash rewards..
  • Chat room focused on the development of traders and investors.
  • Economy dedicated to profit refletion distribution and monthly burns.
  • PvPs (competition between traders and investors focused on intelligence and experience).
  • Voting area for better project development.
  • Monthly cash prize giveaways.
  • A new type of stablecoin (iViPay).
  • Rent shares and earn a monthly income.
  • IArtificial intelligence dedicated to improving your performance.
Next, we present the 4 stages of traders and investors that are essential for the growth of the iVip platform. Each stage offers its own experience, allowing platform users to develop their investment skills and knowledge.
Novice Investors: Our main customer base is composed of investors who have just entered the financial market or who do not yet have a deep understanding of it. For these individuals, our platform will be a valuable tool to acquire new knowledge about the global financial market, as well as to offer the opportunity to obtain profits.
Intermediate Investors: Intermediate investors are those who have a more advanced level of knowledge than beginners and are looking for a platform that allows them to improve their skills and become professionals. Additionally, they can use other functions of the platform, such as the "scan room" and the "analysis room", which offer more advanced resources for tracking financial assets.
Another advantage of becoming an intermediate investor on the platform is the possibility of receiving money through reward and incentive programs, as well as the option to rent access shares to other investors interested in using the platform. With these opportunities, intermediate investors can maximize their earning potential and further enhance their skills in the financial market.
Pro Investors: Our platform provides professional investors with quick and accurate access to information about currencies. This allows them to focus their time on other important activities, while our specialized team conducts in-depth analyses of projects on their behalf. As a result, investors can rely on valuable information for making more informed and strategic decisions, without worrying about the work of analysis and research.
Large investors and financial Institutions: Although it may not be of interest to large investors to use our platform directly, they play an important role in the evolution of the price of our token. To attract these investors, we are offering monthly profit distribution to the top 100 token holders based on the percentage they hold in the project. This way, our token not only serves as an investment for large investors and financial institutions, but also as a means to receive the monthly profit distribution that the project can generate.
One way in which large investors can generate monthly income is by renting out their access to the iVip platform. On the other hand, financial institutions may choose to make large investments in iVip in order to provide access to the platform for their own clients.
Last modified 9mo ago