iVipCoin (IVIP)
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The iVipCoin platform offers cryptocurrency teaching resources, helping users better understand the market and make informed decisions.


The iVipCoin platform's flagship is cryptocurrency education, bringing an innovative approach with the "Learn to Earn" format. This approach combines learning with the potential for financial gains, offering rewards to investors who dedicate themselves to learning about topics of interest. The platform also monthly ranks its users in a learning leaderboard, rewarding those who excel with financial profits. Thus, iVipCoin is revolutionizing the way we learn about the financial market, making the learning process more engaging and profitable.


Infographics: a visual way to present information in a simple and straightforward manner, combining text and images to make the content more attractive and easy to understand.
Discussion forums: The teaching method in discussion forums is a collaborative approach in which users can discuss and share ideas about a particular topic. Forums are a group communication platform that allows for more in-depth and diverse discussion on a specific subject.
Quizzes and tests: it is a tool used to assess students' knowledge on a particular subject. Through objective questions, students can test their knowledge and receive immediate feedback on their performance, encouraging dynamic and interactive learning.
Gamification: it is a teaching method that uses game elements in educational activities to engage and motivate students, making the learning process more fun and interactive.
Explanatory videos: consist of using videos to convey information in a clear and dynamic way. It is an effective way to teach complex and detailed concepts visually, allowing users to follow the content in a more practical and interactive way.
Explanatory texts and tutorials: teaching methods that use written language to convey information and guidance on a particular subject.
Although the mentioned teaching formats are useful, the choice of the most appropriate format will depend on the goals of the user profiles and the nature of the subject being taught.

Tree of Knowledge

The knowledge tree of the iVipCoin platform is a feature that allows the user/student to direct their learning according to their preferences. Just like a tree branches out into several branches, knowledge also unfolds into different areas, and with each new branch the student follows, two new contents are released to them. This system allows learning to be more personalized and effective. Learn more by clicking here.

Monthly Rewards

The IVIPCoin learning ranking is a system that ranks users based on their performance and progress on the platform. The more a user dedicates themselves and learns about the financial market and cryptocurrencies, the higher their position in the ranking. In addition to being a way to encourage learning, the ranking also offers financial rewards to the top-ranked users, creating a healthy competitive environment and motivating users to continue learning. Learn more by clicking here.