iVipCoin (IVIP)
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IVipCoin's plans for different access formats


The iVip platform is attractive to various audiences in the financial market, from beginners to large players and institutions. To maintain a healthy and strong economy, we have created access plans within the platform, with options that meet different needs and levels of experience. The first and most basic plan is "Wood," while the most advanced is "Diamond.
The plans are important not only to accommodate users with different profiles and needs, but also to allow users to move up to a higher plan for free with each new SR (Stable Reduction) that occurs within the platform. Each plan maintains a stable relationship with the others, which means that users can enjoy the benefits of a higher plan without needing to pay for it.
The table below illustrates the differences between the plans and their respective functionalities available in each one. With this flexible plan structure, iVip aims to provide an accessible and personalized trading platform for users of all levels of experience in the financial market.
Cost for acessing
$200,00 dollars in iVips
$400,00 dollars in iVips
$800,00 dollars in iVips


The bronze plan is the simplest plan offered by the iVipCoin platform and is available for free to all users. This plan provides access to some basic functions of the platform, such as:
  • Test the knowledge tree base;
  • Deposit amounts of iVips to be able to rent a higher access quota;
  • Deposit for the purchase of iVip using PIX, bank slip, credit, and debit card;
  • Save tokens until you have the necessary amount to own your own access quota;
  • The Bronze plan chat requires the user to start the conversation to request a chat with other people;
  • You will be able to change your profile information;
  • Trading with iViPay and iVipCoin;
  • Live Economy.
Although the access is limited, the Bronze plan is a good option for those who want to try the platform without an initial financial commitment.


The Silver plan is one of the plans offered by the iVipCoin platform and aims to be the starting point for users to explore the basic functions of the financial market. This plan offers several features, including:
  • All functions of the Bronze plan;
  • Access to some knowledge trees;
  • Access to certification exams to earn the certificate NFT;
  • Play PvP rounds;
  • Take part in the monthy giveaways;
  • Participate in monthly XP rankings;
  • Ability to connect with exchanges and wallets;
  • Access to the Demo Room and monthly prizes;
  • Access to achievement-based rewards;
  • Comparison tool unlocked.
  • Access to summaries of your operations in the 'Performance Management' tab;
  • Full access to the chat;
  • The Nursery is available for the acquisition of new knowledge trees;
  • Access to the voting room.
It is an intermediate option, offering more features than the Bronze plan, but still at an affordable price.


The Gold plan of the iVipCoin platform is aimed at users who seek greater speed and access to important functions and pages for financial operations. It includes features such as:
  • All functions of lower plans;
  • Discount on withdrawal of coins from within the platform;
  • Creation of new groups and channels;
  • Monthly ticket reward;
  • Support and priority on withdrawls
  • B3 focused area
The plan offers additional advantages compared to the Silver and Bronze plans, but with a higher cost.