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Trade to Earn

Prize-giving method for operations in the demo account.


Nowadays, the Cryptocurrency financial market presents a flaw regarding the testing of strategies and trades.
This situation is problematic, as it's not possible to test without risking our own money. This means that to test a strategy, it's necessary to take unnecessary risks or do manual work, trying to imagine how the trade would be if it were actually purchased.
However, we are here to solve this serious problem.
We present the "Demo Room", a space where investors can compete with other investors and compete for the monthly prize pool. In this room, in addition to testing your strategies and experiences in the financial market, you can have the opportunity to win monthly prizes.

How it works

As explained above, we offer incentives for training so that traders can test their trades on the demo account. To solve this problem, the iVip platform provides an environment identical to the Binance broker so that traders can operate a demo account. This environment is available to all users who have a Gold or higher plan.
"The demo account provides an initial capital of R$ 5,000.00 (or $1,000 dollars) so that the user can trade assets available on the Binance broker during the month. The competition starts on the 1st of the month and continues until the last day of the month. The results and addition of coins to the accounts of the winners occur by the 10th of each month.
The Demo Room aims to reward users who achieve the best performance with the available balance. This room can only be used for operations in the spot account.
Every month, the platform adds to your profile the performance in relation to the trades made in the Demo Room. As your balance in the Demo Room increases, you will be able to unlock medals and achievements within the platform. Click here for more information.


Pool division
1st Class
R$ 225,00
2nd Class
R$ 75,00
3rd Class
R$ 56,25
4th Class
R$ 50,00
The table above was based on 1000 users and an economic ceiling of R$90,000 Brazilian Reais.