iVipCoin (IVIP)
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Learn to Earn

A healthy economic model aimed at solving the main challenges faced by traders.


The format known as "Learn to Earn" aims to combine learning with the potential for financial gains. Although it may seem unusual, this approach represents a true revolution in the way we learn about the financial market. After all, we are offering a reward to investors who dedicate themselves to learning about topics of their interest.
But how is this possible? Simple: through the "Learn to Earn" format, investors have the opportunity to make money while they learn. That is, as they acquire knowledge about the financial market, they also accumulate financial benefits that can be quite significant.
In summary, this methodology represents a true innovation in the financial market, as it allows investors to combine their interest in certain topics with the potential for financial gains.
The answer is simple: in order to have a healthy and sustainable economy where investors are rewarded without causing inflation in the token, it is necessary to find an appropriate balance.
Within the platform, investors will have access to various methods to enhance their knowledge in the financial market, from basic concepts to more advanced areas. Throughout the learning process, achievements will be made available that will unlock iVipCoins, a way to reward the investor for their progress and dedication.

How it Works

The learning format for earning is based on a monthly ranking that ranks all users of the iVip platform. To climb in the rankings, users need to accumulate more experience points (XP) in their accounts, with points being reset at the beginning of each new monthly ranking.
There are several ways to increase the amount of XP, and here we list them in decreasing order of effectiveness by:
  • Using the knowledge tree..
  • Taking courses and activities that have higher XP scores.
  • Chatting within the platform.
  • Completing daily and weekly missions.
  • Playing in MultiPlayer mode.
  • Having an access quota available in the marketplace.
  • Having iViPay in the account.


Every last business day of the month, at 23:59, we close the monthly ranking. The more XPs you accumulate, the higher you will be in the ranking. The top 60% of users with the best scores in the month are ranked and share the Reward pool.
Pool Division
1st Class
US$ 300,00
2nd Class
US$ 97,83
3rd Class
US$ 81,82
4th Class
US$ 63,28
5th Class
US$ 50,63
The table above was based on 1000 users and a maximum economic ceiling of US$ 18,000.00 dollars.