iVipCoin (IVIP)
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Monthly lottery draw for users.


The iVipCoin platform holds a monthly exclusive lottery draw for its users, with the aim of randomly rewarding some of them. Participation in the draw is based on cumulative tickets over the months, which means that the longer a user stays active on the platform, the greater their chance of winning. The draw is conducted in a transparent and fair manner, ensuring that all participants have equal chances of being awarded. This initiative aims to encourage user engagement on the platform and reward those who remain as active members.

How it works

The iVipCoin platform rewards monthly the users who use its services the most. Those who have been disqualified in the learning ranking or in the demo room ranking also have the opportunity to receive cumulative tickets, increasing their chances of winning.
This approach encourages continuous user participation, as the more active they are on the platform, the greater their chances of being rewarded.
The monthly lottery draw is conducted fairly and transparently, ensuring that all users have equal chances of being awarded. This initiative by iVipCoin aims not only to reward its users but also to encourage them to continue learning and improving their skills in the financial market.


The reward process on the platform uses 1000 users as a basis and considers the economic ceiling. The value of rewards may vary according to changes in the number of users and the economic ceiling. In the monthly lottery draw, the goal is to randomly reward 5% of the users, based on the tickets accumulated by them over time on the platform. Transparency and fairness are ensured in the process, encouraging user participation on the platform and rewarding those who remain active.
Pool Division
1st Class
R$ 252,00
2nd Class
R$ 112,50
3rd Class
R$ 75,00
4th Class
R$ 49,50
In this example, a total of 50 people are awarded with a sum of R$ 4,500 in distributed prizes.