iVipCoin (IVIP)
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Here is the first stablecoin that has no direct connection to a FIAT currency.


IVipay emerges to revolutionize the way a StableCoin is handled. We have developed a secure and stable payment system that does not depend directly on a FIAT currency such as the US dollar (USD) or the euro.
With IVipay, it is possible to carry out transactions without worrying about price fluctuations or financial market instability. In addition, our platform allows IVipay to be exchanged only within the iVipCoin platform, which guarantees the security and integrity of the transactions carried out.
Thus, there is no possibility of transferring IVipay outside of the official iVip platform. This ensures that users of our platform have a smooth and secure transaction experience, without the risks associated with transfers outside of the platform.
In summary, IVipay is the ideal choice for those looking for a secure, stable, and reliable way to make online transactions. Come and try our platform and take advantage of all the benefits that IVipay has to offer.


Fixed exchange rate: 1 iVipCoin = 10 iViPays
How does capital stabilization work in iVipCoin?
To explain how stability works, let's create a hypothetical scenario with a character (Player 1).
Let's suppose that Player 1 decides to exchange 1 iVipCoin for iViPays. In this transaction, he will receive exactly 10 iViPays. Using the fixed quotation system and assuming that the value of one iVipCoin at that moment was $1.00, the same dollar that was worth 1 iVipCoin now becomes worth 10 iViPays. In other words, each iViPay would cost $0.10, ten times less than iVipCoin.
Let's say that after 10 days, Player 1 returns to check his account and notices that the value of iVipCoin has dropped sharply by 50%, now worth US$ 0.50. If he hadn't made the exchange, his capital would have suffered a 50% devaluation. However, since he exchanged his iVipCoin for iViPays when the value of iVipCoin was US$ 1.00, he now has 20 iViPays in his wallet instead of the previous 10.
But why did their iViPays balance increase? As there is a fixed exchange rate (1 iVipCoin = 10 iViPays), the drop in the value of iVipCoin leads to a proportional drop in the value of one unit of iViPay. Therefore, to maintain the stability of Player 1's initial capital, we increased their iViPays balance until they have the equivalent value of their original iVipCoin.
Thus, we can conclude that when the value of iVipCoin drops, the balance in iViPays increases proportionally. The opposite is also true: when the value of iVipCoin rises, the balance in iViPays in the user's wallet decreases. All of this is done in the interest of maintaining the user's capital stability.
Example of use:
Time 1: Moment of the first exchange
iVipCoin price: 1 dollar Exchange rate 1:10 (1 iVipCoin = 10 iViPay)
Unit price of iViPay: 0.1 dollars
Time 2: Moment of high in iVipCoin
iVipCoin price: 2 dollars (+100%) Exchange rate 1:10 (1 iVipCoin = 10 iViPay)
Unit price of iViPay: 0.2 dollars
Time 3: Moment of low in iVipCoin
iVipCoin price: 0.1 dollars (-90%) Exchange rate 1:10 (1 iVipCoin = 10 iViPay)
Unit price of iViPay: 0.01 dollars


Time 1: An individual exchanges 10 iVipCoin for 100 iViPay, with the goal of preserving $10. The exchange rate at the time was 1 iVipCoin = 10 iViPay, and the price of iVipCoin was $1.
Time 2: There was an increase in the price of iVipCoin to $2 (+100%). The fixed exchange rate remained the same, 1 iVipCoin = 10 iViPay, but the unit price of iViPay increased to $0.20. With the goal of preserving $10, the individual now holds only 50 iViPay.
Time 3: iVipCoin suffered a price drop to $0.10 (-90%). The fixed exchange rate remained the same, 1 iVipCoin = 10 iViPay, but the unit price of iViPay dropped to $0.01. The individual now holds 1000 iViPay, still with the goal of preserving $10.
In conclusion, we can observe that regardless of the price at which iVipCoin was quoted after the exchange is performed, the user's value in US dollars will always be preserved. This means that the user is protected against price fluctuations and does not depend directly on a value based on a fiat currency, but rather on the variation of the CryptoAsset.

Usage fee

For each exchange made, we charge a 1% fee on the traded capital. This fee is paid in iVipCoin and debited at the time of the exchange. For example, if the user exchanges 100 iVipCoin for 1000 iViPay, the fee charged will be 1 iVipCoin.

Auctions for exchanging


Within the iVip auction, we have a market maker.


iViPay can be used within the platform in various ways, including:
  • Acquiring new knowledge trees in the nursery.
  • Making purchases and payments with partner companies.
  • Using it to send money between friends in the chat.
  • Buying products advertised in the Marketplace.
  • Accessing exclusivities within the iVip platform.
  • Buying platform mascots (NFTs).
  • Renting accesses.
  • Using functions within the chat.
  • Short selling on iVipCoin.
  • Stabilizing your money and achieving financial security.