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Stable Reduction

"Stable Reduction (SR)", SR is here to bring equality for all investors and platform users.


The Stable Reduction system, also known as SR, was developed with the objective of controlling and stabilizing the access value to the platform. In other words, the entry value to access the platform remains stable over time. This means that the amount spent in dollars on the first day of trading the token will always be the same, regardless of fluctuations in currency over time.
With SR, platform users can have greater predictability and stability regarding access costs, and consequently, a better user experience.
SR will be triggered with every 100% increase from the initial price, starting at 0.0001 and progressively increasing.
Circulating tokens: 12,000,000,000 billion.
We are located at SR 1st.
We use the silver plan as the basis for the minimum token amount.
Redução estável
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Próxima SR
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How it works

The SR service is displayed on the platform when the iVip team notices that the price has remained above the forecast for two consecutive days. This means that we update the access values for each available plan on the platform. A message is sent to active users, informing them about the stable reduction and presenting three options to choose from.

SR effect for the users

When SR (Stable Reduction) is implemented, users will have the following options:
  1. 1.
    They will be able to upgrade their plan to the higher plan without any additional cost. For example, a user who has the Silver plan can choose to upgrade to the Gold plan without paying extra for it.
  2. 2.
    They can also choose to stay in the current plan and leave a share in the Marketplace to rent out. The share will be of the same level as the user's current plan.
  3. 3.
    Finally, users can choose to keep the current plan and withdraw the remaining value in coins.
These are the available options for users when SR is implemented. Each option offers different advantages, depending on the individual needs and preferences of each user.

SR effect for rental of shares

When SR (Stable Reduction) is implemented, investors who have rented shares will receive new shares, allowing them to make them available in the Marketplace. In other words, when an SR event occurs, investors will receive twice the number of shares under their control compared to the number of shares they previously had available for rent. For more information on renting, please refer to the additional information provided.

Inverted SR for the users

When a drop in the token price occurs, also known as inverse SR, users who are already in their plan will not be affected by any type of downgrade. This means that all iVip platform users who already have an active plan will not have any issues if there is a drop in the token price. However, if a user wishes to upgrade to a higher plan, they will need to acquire the additional amount of tokens required for that new plan.

Inverted SR for rental of shares

When an inverse SR (Stable Reduction) occurs in the rental of shares, it works differently because while an SR always releases twice the number of shares, an inverse SR removes 50% of the investor's shares. For example, if an investor has 10 shares rented, they will lose 5 shares over time as the rentals expire. In this case, one share is removed at each expiration. If 4 shares expire, 2 will be removed and 2 can be re-rented. However, if an inverse SR occurs while the share is rented, there will be no change for the investor or for the user who rented it. More information about share rental is available.