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Useful NFTs for investors in daily life.


NFT, or non-fungible token, is a type of asset created through blockchain technology that serves as a digital identity for a specific item. The main characteristic of an NFT is its uniqueness, which guarantees the authenticity of the associated item. In other words, an NFT ensures ownership of a unique asset that cannot be duplicated or replicated by another person.
For iVip, NFTs present several possibilities for use, including generating profits through dividends, as well as issuing certificates for users and projects. These possibilities will be explored in more detail in the following pages.



The chameleon is an animal that symbolizes change, flexibility, adaptability, and evolution. Its symbolism transcends ethical and psychological spheres, reaching the cosmic order, indicating the ability to shift centers of interest and observation. iVip, by using the Chameleon as a mascot, creates a powerful metaphor to illustrate the ability of a trader or investor to profit both in bull and bear markets. This ability to adapt to changes in the financial market is what classifies the trader or investor as a true "chameleon".


The bull metaphor in the financial market represents the optimism and strength of investors. This analogy originated in the market to describe a period of rising stock prices, which is known as a "bull market". During this period, investors are encouraged to buy stocks, further driving up prices. In summary, the image of the bull is a visual representation of a strong and ascending financial market, indicating a climate of confidence and prosperity.


The metaphor of the bull and the bear is commonly used in the stock market. While the bull represents a bullish or rising market, the bear points to a downturn in the stock market, or a bearish market. This analogy arose because when a bear attacks, it swipes its paws downwards, indicating a downward action. Therefore, unlike the bull, the bear symbolizes a bearish or falling market characterized by declines in stock prices.

NFTs and their meanings

The NFT (Non-Fungible Token) from the iVipCoin platform is designed to be a unique and exclusive reward, only available to users who have achieved a certain merit. The goal is to reward the most engaged and active users on the platform, making the Chameleon NFT a rare and prestigious item.
The Chameleon NFT is a limited edition item that will only be available during the pre-sale of the iVipCoin platform, making it a symbol of honor for users who possess it. They will be able to display the NFT on their profiles, indicating that they have reached a high level of merit within the community. However, the Chameleon NFT cannot be sold or transferred for one year after issuance, allowing the user to understand the real value of the NFT and make wise decisions about it.
The Bull and Bear NFTs will have their issuance controlled by the number of active shares on the platform, with 10 NFTs available for every 1000 active access shares. Of these, 5 will be Bull NFTs and 5 will be Bear NFTs. The Bull and Bear can only be obtained through missions and achievements accomplished on the platform, with the purpose of rewarding users who have reached a certain merit. Upon obtaining the NFT, users can display it in their account, demonstrating their active participation on the platform and their status as a valuable and respected member.

How to acquire the chameleon NFT in the pre-sale

During the pre-sale of the iVipCoin platform, a limited edition of the Chameleon NFT will be made available, with distribution restricted to one per user who makes purchases worth 1 BNB or more. This NFT will be a symbol of honor and appreciation for the user's participation in the community.
As a limited edition, the Chameleon NFT may have significant value, incentivizing users to hold onto it for at least one year before transferring or selling it.


The iVipCoin platform rewards its users for positive actions and good behavior, such as making friends, profiting from the platform, owning rare NFTs, or having a certain amount of iVipCoin and iViPay.
As users perform these actions, they receive medals that demonstrate their merit and prestige in the iVipCoin community, encouraging them to get involved and achieve specific goals.

Learning Certification

The iVIP platform presents an innovation in the market by offering certification in the form of an NFT for traders and investors who successfully complete their knowledge tree. This certification will be like a diploma for users, who will have a personalized NFT with their name, proving that they were qualified in the tests provided by the iVIP platform. Stay tuned, more information about this novelty will be announced soon.