iVipCoin (IVIP)
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Profit Reflection

The format that will make the eyes of big players and institutional investors shine brighter than ever.


As it happens in most profitable projects, it is common to exist a surplus of net revenue. However, usually that money ends up being exclusively concentrated in the hands of the owners and developers of the project. But we're here to change that reality to ensure that everyone involved in the project can benefit from the profits obtained.
After obtaining the net revenue at the end of each month, we will implement the following process: we will select the top 100 holders of the project and add up all the coins they have in their wallets. Then, we will calculate the percentage that each one will receive from the net revenue.
The distribution will be carried out on layer 1 and will be made in iVipCoin tokens. This type of distribution promotes large investors to invest in our project, as they will be rewarded for the profit generated by the iVip company during the month.

How it works

Every month, a certain number of iVip coins are reserved for profit reflection, exclusively for two groups of investors.
The first group consists of the top 100 holders of the project, whose wallets are ranked before the 5th day of the month prior to payment. Thus, the ranking of the wallets that will receive reflection is done one month in advance of the distribution. The selected wallets can be viewed in the "Live Economy" tab of the iVip platform.
The second group is formed by the wallets that hold the coins within the platform itself, which are considered holders and therefore receive a share of the coins distributed every month. The balance sent to these wallets is intended to reward users who own platform mascots. To learn more about the iVip economy, click here.

Distribuition (Layer 1)

The first layer corresponds to the initial payment of dividends. After accounting for the coins to be distributed, they are sent to a wallet called the "dividend wallet," where the coin balance is stored for distribution to the ranked wallets. After the distribution , a notification is made through social media, informing that the distribution has been successfully completed. Then, we initiate the distribution of the second layer. All distributions will be made before the 5th day of each month.

Internal Distribution (Layer 2)

After the monthly reflection, which are stored in the platform wallets, these resources will be passed on to all users who have iVip mascots. It is worth noting that the main iVip mascot, the Chameleon, will receive a higher value compared to other mascots, since it is considered the rarest. It is important to emphasize that this distribution will always occur before the 5th day of each month and that users who own mascots will receive their share in iViPay.
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