iVipCoin (IVIP)
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A roadmap of a project in the cryptocurrency industry is a strategic plan that outlines the steps a development team intends to follow to achieve certain objectives within a specific period of time. Typically, a roadmap includes a list of planned features, product improvements, development goals, and important milestones to be achieved. The main objective of a roadmap is to provide transparency and visibility to investors and the project's user community, enabling them to track progress and know what to expect from the project in the future.

3rd Trimester - 2021

  • Project starts under the name "Crypto Traders"
  • Whitepaper creation
  • Platform created to be a gamification of crypto maket studies

4th Trimester - 2021

  • 2 programmers (Paulo and Ismael) join the team
  • Name change from "Crypto Traders" to "iVipCoin"
  • Logo created and defined
  • Initial idea was modified and changed over the entire 4th trimester

1st Trimester - 2022

  • Hosting the iVipCoin domain
  • Request of Trademark registration at INPI
  • Creation of the programmers team
  • Creation of the designers team
  • Creation of the International Relations team
  • First partneships with businesses in our CNPJ
  • Creation of the Oficial Brazilian Group (Telegram)
  • Creation of the Oficial American Group (Telegram)
  • Creation of the Oficial Coms Channel (Telegram)
  • Tests of iVipCoin contract on TestNet Network

2nd Trimester - 2022

  • Creation of the Oficial Group in English (Telegram)
  • iVipCoin Headquarters is officially opened in Atibaia, São Paulo, Brasil
  • App home screen sketches are concluded
  • Software development begins
  • Creation of the social media profiles

3rd Trimester - 2022

  • iVip Software Beta Version 1.0
    • User profile
    • Homescreen is created
    • Setup screen is created
  • First tests of iVipCoin token on Binance Smart Chain network

4th Trimester - 2022

  • iVip Software Beta Version 2.0
    • IP security system is created
    • Bug correction from Version 1.0
    • Quiz system is added
    • Interactive login chat
    • Update in the designers team
  • Binance, Metamask and Gate.io api's are implemented.

1° Trimestre - 2023

  • WhitePaper (PDF) is released Portuguese and English
  • Listing announcement of iVipCoin token on CEX.
  • App Web version. // 25/02
  • Alteration in the app creation plan.
    • Desktop development is halted
    • Web Development is initiated.
  • New development sketches are published
  • Connection with 3 new exchanges is implemented in the software
  • A real-life event to to promote iVip to a 100 business owners is held in Atibaia, São Paulo - Brasil - 05/03/23
  • iVipCoin CNPJ is created
  • Creation of the token on Binance Smart Chain Mainnet
  • Creation of docs.ivipcoin.com, for acessing project's data
  • Subdomain ri.ivipcoin.com, specially for relations with investors /'/ 25/03
  • Beta Version 3.0 available for all users
    • Trading system implemented for connected exchanges
    • Presale screen
    • Deposits by pix, payslip, Debit and Credit Card and Cryptocurrency
    • Database security system update
    • Purchase of plans
    • First Tree of Knowledge is added to the Nursery
    • System of token deposit and withdrawal added to the software
    • Staking system for pre-sale users added to the software
    • iViPay exchange added to the pre-sale.
    • Tree of knowledge "GuiTrader"
  • AirDrop for Telegram users. // 25/02
  • Social media updates
  • Document on pre-sale data published
  • Disclosure of new app sketches to be used in the 2nd quarter
  • NFTs released (chameleon, bull, and bear)
  • WhatsApp Community
  • Disclosure of the international marketing plan to be used during the pre-listing period.
  • Listing on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko.

2° Trimestre - 2023

  • Version
    • Addition of the "Stock Exchange (B3)" section.
    • Shares rental beta
    • Version 2.0 of the knowledge tree
    • Nursery update
  • Increase in the programming team
  • Beginning of International Marketing plan 3 weeks before the listings take place
  • Listing on 2 CEX (Centralized Exchanges) simultaneously.
  • Live on-site event to boost liquidity in the DEX market and launch on partner exchanges in Atibaia, São Paulo, Brazil.
  • First document added to the investor relations section of the website.
  • 1st token burn

3rd trimester- 2023

  • Coming soon...