iVipCoin (IVIP)
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A voting system for new ideas raised directly with the project developers.


iVipCoin has a voting system that allows developers to expose their ideas to the public, and users can help with the platform's development by voting for the best ideas and suggesting improvements. This system allows new ideas to be collaboratively evaluated, helping to create a better platform that is more adapted to users' needs.

How it works

The voting system of the iVipCoin platform allows users to express their opinion about ideas proposed by the developers. Users can vote for or against ideas during a period of 7 days, after which the results are disclosed. Not all ideas go through the voting system, only those deemed necessary by the developers. Once voting is closed, updates are implemented according to the results obtained. This system helps ensure that the iVipCoin platform meets the needs and expectations of the user community.


The iVipCoin platform offers a reward system for users who participate in the voting system, in which they receive lottery tickets that increase their chances of winning random prizes. This is a way to encourage user participation in voting and the community in general, as well as provide an opportunity to win extra rewards.